Big Data

Course Description

Interested to learn the Big Data landscape? This program will help you understand the data science and big data importance in this AI Era. This will help you start thinking about how Big Data might be useful in your business or career.

This program will help you understand what Big Data is, what are the limitations of the traditional solutions for Big Data problems, how Hadoop solves these Big Data problems, Hadoop Ecosystem, HDFS, Hadoop Architecture, Anatomy of File Read and Write & how Map Reduce works. Big Data program includes Hadoop Apache project to store & process Big Data. Hadoop stores data in a distributed & fault-tolerant manner over the commodity hardware. Afterwards, Hadoop tools are used to perform data processing over HDFS.

Benefits from the program

Comprehensive Curriculum Live Personalised mentorship in the small groups Case Study based program curriculum The objective of the course is to make the professional gain skillsets required for solving Big Data related problems

Benefits with IIMARK
  • Best in class professors and Industry leaders designed Big Data program
  • Convenient Learning platform
  • Dedicated career services
  • Learn from industry veterans
  • Well Structured program
  • Industry Projects
  • Understanding Big Data and Hadoop
  • An overview of Apache Hadoop
  • Hadoop Architecture and HDFS
  • Hadoop MapReduce Framework
  • Advanced Hadoop MapReduce
  • Apache Pig
  • Apache Hive
  • Advanced Apache Hive and HBase
  • Advanced Apache HBase
  • Processing Distributed Data with Apache Spark
  • Oozie and Hadoop Project
  • Certification Project
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