Certified Information Security Officer

Course Description

The CISA(Certified Information Security Officer) is a certification program from ISACA to audit, control, monitor and assesses an organization’s information technology and business systems. The recent quarterly IT Skills and Certifications Pay Index (ITSCPI) ranked CISA among the most sought-after and highest-paying IT certifications. This certification is a must have for entry to mid-career IT professionals looking for leverage in career growth.

This program will help you understand what Big Data is, what are the limitations of the traditional solutions for Big Data problems, how Hadoop solves these Big Data problems, Hadoop Ecosystem, HDFS, Hadoop Architecture, Anatomy of File Read and Write & how Map Reduce works. Big Data program includes Hadoop Apache project to store & process Big Data. Hadoop stores data in a distributed & fault-tolerant manner over the commodity hardware. Afterwards, Hadoop tools are used to perform data processing over HDFS.

Benefits from the program

This course will benefit the security officers, auditors, security professionals, site administrators, and the one who is concerned about the integrity of their network infrastructure.

Benefits with IIMARK

Team iiMARK will enable training support in order to prepare you for online examinations. So that you can easily qualify for the exam and can get CISA(Certified Information Security Officer) certificate

The Certification

The CISA(Certified Information Security Officer) exam can be taken on the same day of the last training session. Students/Professionals need to pass the exam in order to get the CISA certification.

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